Artisanal – Natural – Tasty!

Espéride is a low-alcohol natural sparkling drink to enjoy on its own or asa gorgeous cocktail base, with a very delicate range of flavors

We “upcycle” the bitter oranges, lemons and elderflowers that we used in our Amer Amor cider with a 3 months maceration, before adding a tiny dash of quinine for a “tonic touch” and carbonation.

Only 2.3 % ABV. Available in 33 cl long neck bottle or 75 cl bottle.


A tribute to Burgundy which inspires us and gives us so much! A cider made from the co-fermentation of 15% of Pinot Noir with 100% local apple juice.
500 bottles only.


On the nose notes of red and black fruits, which evolve towards more ripe touches.
The palate combines the tangy side of apple with a discreet but present tannic framework. Sensations halfway between wine and cider, reinforced by very fine bubbles and a deliberately discreet effervescence.

Enjoy with tasty finger food or like you would for a light, lively young Pinot Noir.


A unique blend: 80 kg of Pinot Noir (destemmed) with the juice of local wild apples (more than 15 varietales) harvested in Beaune and the surrounding villages.

Simultaneous fermentation with native grape and apple yeasts, without sulphites, then aging for 8 months in a 340 liter barrel (ex Aligoté) before bottling.

Natural second fermentation in botthe (Champagne method). Not disgorged. Extra Brut.

Limited edition

Inspired by the local vigneron tradition, we distilled the lees from our Amer Amor cuvée after several months of aging. Thus was born a totally unique citrus brandy, full of flavors of apple, lemon and bitter orange. Enjoy neat or as a cocktail base.

Hand-distilled in Bourgogne. Non filtererd. 47% abv. 250 bottles only.


A seasonal variation of our cider De Cidre De Là, with apricot maceration for 3 months.


On the nose, floral and discreet notes of apricot. Beautiful liveliness on the palate, length and balance. To be enjoyed as an aperitif alone or as a cocktail base. For dessert, with a fine apple tart or pan-fried apricots and verbena ice cream.


This cider comes from the same base as De Cidre De Là : tens of apple varietals fermented and aged in both white and red wines barrels for 8 months. Then we add fresh apricots for 3 months of maceration before bottling.

Natural second fermentation in bottle (Champagne method). Extra Brut. Disgorged

Limited edition



Our apple juice is finely balanced thanks to tens of apple varietals coming from local orchards around Beaune.


The taste is complex and juicy thanks to the tens of varietals we use. Fresh, lively and perfectly balanced to be enjoyed at any time of the day by kids and adults alike!


Less is more is the motto behind our apple juice. We hand-pick apples in many tiny wild or abandonned orchards in Beaune and around at perfect ripeness.

Then the apples are just pressed, decanted or gently filetered before being bottled.

100% pure apple juice. No additives, no preservatives. As close as possible to the real fruit!

limited edition


A truly unique cider. One single barrel of peaty Islay Scotch whisky + fresh figs maceration.


Intense notes of peat with some crispy apple undertones. The mouth is vibrant with a lovely acidity and some figs + white peaches aromas.

To enjoy and discover on its own or pair it with smoked fish or game.

A single barred crafted with a a specific apple blend, mostly from Britanny, fermented and aged for 10 months in a peaty Islay barrel. Then we added several tens of kilograms of fresh figs for a 3 months maceration at the end of ageing, before bottling.

Natural second fermentation in bottle (Champagne method). Extra Brut.


This cider is a good showcase of our approach and know-how. A very well balanced craft cider, complex and fresh.


Nose of fresh apples, hints of citrus and mint. Lovely vivacity in the mouth with beautiful length and great balance.

To enjoy on its own or with a few salmon toasts. Pair it with grilled fish, white meat or a mushroom risotto.


Extra Brut French craft cider created in Beaune, Burgundy from the blend of tens of apples’ varietals hailing from Burgundy, Normandy, Brittany and Pays d’Othe. Fermented (indigeneous yeasts) and aged several months in a wide range of wine barrels (60%) and spirits barrels (40%)

A few barrels we used: Aligoté, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Whisky, Armagnac, Fine de Bourgogne, Calvados

Natural second fermentation in bottle (Champagne method). Extra Brut. Disgorged