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Summer 2023: buiding our new cider-winery !


We’re currently building in Beaune our own cider-winery (the best word to describe our wine-like approach I think…). Just 3 years after I began to craft ciders in a little cellar in the heart of Beaune, this is a key step for Eclectik.
We try to be as sustainable as possible for the building: timber-frame wood pannels for the walls, wood-wool insulation, free cooling to bring (free) cold air from the outside to cool down our cellars, no air conditioning for the office space but a wooden stove to keep us warm during winter, rainwater tanks .. well just common sense in 2023…
Of course we kept some space to welcome our customers in a friendly way ! Construction started early January 2023 and moving in is planned this summer. Watch this space !

Harvest 2022

We increase the quantity of apples picked in wild orchards in Beaune and surrounding villages. We also source fresh, non fermented apple juices from new regions: Perche and Jura.
We have about 50 barrels in our cellars and lots of new projects in mind! First trials of co-fermentation with Pinot Noir grapes.

Harvest 2021

We have found a new cellar / winery in Beaune (100 square meters). We carry on with our key principles defined at the beginning of our project: combining the fermentation of local apples and juices from other French regions: Pays d’Othe, Normandy and Britanny for the first time. We ferment and age our ciders in around 35 wines and spirits barrels. Some first limited editions too.

Harvest 2020

This is the year it all began! We are Véronique, Patrick, Jean-Arnaud and Jean-David, four friends from different backgrounds but with a shared appreciation of well-crafted beverages and many years of working with winemakers, distillers and brewers in France and abroad.

In 2020, we started crafting ciders in a tiny cellar in the center of Beaune. Fermenting and ageing in a nice range of 10 barrels with a lot of care.