A pleasure-driven, easy-going cider. Finely sparkling, with a hint of residual sugar, fermented and aged in wine barrels. For pancakes and desserts but not only!


On the nose, gourmet notes of cooked apples but without heaviness. Palate balanced between roundness and acidity. Very good length thanks to the very well integrated woodiness of the barrels.

Enjoy with a chocolate tart, a coffee éclair, a Paris-Brest or a flambéed pineapple. But also with pan-fried foie gras or a veggie tagine with sweet spices.


Its complexity comes from a blend of dozens of varieties of apples harvested by hand (Burgundy & Pays d’Othe 40%, Normandy 30%, Perche 30%).

Slow fermentation (native yeasts, without sulphites) and aging for 8 months in white and red wine barrels (from Burgundy and other wine regions)

Natural second fermentation in the bottle (Champagne method). Not disgorged. Brut cider (17 g of residual sugar)