Artisanal – Natural – Tasty!

Espéride is a low-alcohol natural sparkling drink to enjoy on its own or asa gorgeous cocktail base, with a very delicate range of flavors

We “upcycle” the bitter oranges, lemons and elderflowers that we used in our Amer Amor cider with a 3 months maceration, before adding a tiny dash of quinine for a “tonic touch” and carbonation.

Only 2.3 % ABV. Available in 33 cl long neck bottle or 75 cl bottle.

Inspired by the local vigneron tradition, we distilled the lees from our Amer Amor cuvée after several months of aging. Thus was born a totally unique citrus brandy, full of flavors of apple, lemon and bitter orange. Enjoy neat or as a cocktail base.

Hand-distilled in Bourgogne. Non filtererd. 47% abv. 250 bottles only.