Malus Vitis | co-fermentation apples + Pinot Noir


A tribute to Burgundy which inspires us and gives us so much! A cider made from the co-fermentation of 15% of Pinot Noir with 100% local apple juice.
500 bottles only.


On the nose notes of red and black fruits, which evolve towards more ripe touches.
The palate combines the tangy side of apple with a discreet but present tannic framework. Sensations halfway between wine and cider, reinforced by very fine bubbles and a deliberately discreet effervescence.

Enjoy with tasty finger food or like you would for a light, lively young Pinot Noir.


A unique blend: 80 kg of Pinot Noir (destemmed) with the juice of local wild apples (more than 15 varietales) harvested in Beaune and the surrounding villages.

Simultaneous fermentation with native grape and apple yeasts, without sulphites, then aging for 8 months in a 340 liter barrel (ex Aligoté) before bottling.

Natural second fermentation in botthe (Champagne method). Not disgorged. Extra Brut.

Limited edition